Turn Unused Spaces into Revenue

If you are like most businesses and schools, your budget is tight. You’re stretching your dollars as much as you can. We can help you generate extra revenue using your parking lot.

We make it easy for you to charge people to park in your parking lot during times it is not being used. Charging people to park used to be complicated. Now, there’s an app for that. We’ve built an app that facilitates cash free, turnkey parking system on demand. Here’s how it works…. 

A Complete Parking Management Solution

We’ve created a fully electronic parking lot management system; no paper tags or physical passes are needed. Billing is done thru our app, and you can patrol the lots from the comfort of your office.

Our app uses the GPS signal from cell phones. This means that we don’t need sensors to tell us which spaces are occupied and which are free. While signage isn’t needed, where requested by the facility, we will provide appropriate identifying signage at our cost.

We also allow for greater flexibility regarding how you charge for parking. You can charge by the year, semester, week, day or hour. You can set special rates for special events and even give people discounts.

Another key solution is our management of off-hours and remote parking. We can setup a permit system for people to park on the weekends, or at night. The system is completely customizable, and all the payments are thru the app.

Parking Enforcement on your property is up to you, but we offer solutions through our app which will make this a painless and efficient process. Ask us how!

Give us a call. Let’s do this!

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  • App based parking system
  • Paper free system
  • Cash free
  • Customizable system to meet your needs
  • Collect analytics to optimize your lot
  • Create revenue generation during off hours
  • Increase parking payment compliance
  • Barrier free parking
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