If you need parking

If you own a parking lot

Do I need a sensor?

No. All you need to do is download our app and have a valid credit card.

Are Kurbpark parking spots guaranteed?

Yes! Unlike airlines, we don’t over book! We 100% guarantee you will have a spot to park at the rate you selected when you reserve through us!
Our system monitors the parking lot in real-time. Once you book a spot, we hold it for you.

What if I don't know how long I need to park for?

That’s fine. Just show up and park. We’ll only charge you for the amount of time you use.

Are there any additional fees?


Are you sure we don't need a sensor in every parking space?

Yes. We monitor the position of all parked cars using the GPS signal of our customers phone. No sensors are needed

How are payments handled?

We handle all payments thru the app. At the end of every month, we send you a check.

How can I tell if people are parking without payment?

We have created a virtual map of the parking lot that shows which spots are occupied by paying customers and which spots should be vacant.

We can also setup cameras that show real-time usage of the parking lot. Just compare the two images. If a car is parking in a vacant spot, then you can call a tow truck, or go down and write a ticket.

What are the setup costs?

If you don’t need us to install cameras, then there is no setup fee. The setup fee covers the cost of the cameras and is waived once you sign a 6 month agreement. If you choose a month-to-month contract, then we will refund the setup fee at the end of month 6.

I really don't need to patrol the parking lot any more?


What am I waiting for?

Nothing. Signup today!

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